Storm Eunice. Westbay.
The day after Storm Eunice hit the UK, we went and stayed at Westbay. The sea came crashing in relentlessly in the days that followed the storm. These images attempt to capture some of the stunning power and atmosphere.
Rawlsbury Camp. Dorset.
Rawlsbury Camp is a local Iron Age hill fort. It sits on the edge of Bullbarrow hill in Dorset. These images were shot one winters afternoon as the sun set. It was truly magical and I was lucky to have the chance to try and capture it.
The Boiler Has Landed
I cut up an old emersion heater to make some lights. Inside, was a kind of alien spaceship. I used some off camera flash to light it.
Macro World
Macro photography is highly addictive. It reveals the endless patterns, forms and textures in these mini-landscapes.
Little Monster
Little Monster Sitting Still is a tiny film I made. The little monster is a bit of expanding foam. I painted and greased it to give it an organic look. The environment it sits within is entirely manufactured, mostly from things I found in the garden. It was filmed indoors. I also made the music.
Dorsetfest 2021
These are a few shots for the amazing Dorsetfest. It's been running for a number of years, raising huge amounts for charity. It was one of the first large public events in Dorset to go ahead last year with stringent Covid safety measures in place. This was my first time photographing it but I'll be beck this year.
Winter in Hilton
One winters day in our village. It's not often we're coverd in snow but lovely to get out and capture it when we are.
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